SUVAFIX products are present and sold and delivered in many countries such as Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland Greece, and more.

SUVAFIX was established in 1991 for plastering facilities as a private company started with the production of plastering materials with very small capacity in 1994. They started the first factory with 25 tons / h capacity. In 2004 SUVAFIX opened the second factory for plastering materials with capacity of 75t / h. In the year 2005 SUVAFIX got permitted by the N.Macedonian government to use the land for 99 years in the village of Banjice in Gostivar for producing gravel and processing of stone and they began producing with capacity of 250t / h. Today

  • SUVAFIX has 3 factories 2 for production of dry mortar one for production of liquid products
  • SUVAFIX Quarry for production calcium carbonate with capacity 250t/h 160.000m² in the city Gostivar N.Macedonia
  • SUVAFIX The First company for production mortar adhesive in the Balkan
  • SUVAFIX distributed worldwide based on demand
  • SUVAFIX has been producing since 1991 around 50milion bags of materials resulting 1.50 billion kg