Connecting connection SUVAFIX 56 or SUVAFIX 57 – adhesive or adhesive mass of inorganically bonded components, which serves to anchor the insulating panels on the facade of the building.

EPS insulation – expanded polystyrene insulation panels with low flammability and different densities.

Reinforcement layer SUVAFIX 56 or SUVAFIX 57 – adhesive or adhesive mixture, which has an excellent elasticity, adheres tightly to the insulating panels, is very hydrophobic, resists mechanical impacts.

Reinforcing mesh – high quality fiberglass mesh, durable in alkaline environment. High coat – different types of decorative-protective systems of SUVAFIX , proved over time their qualities.

Wall connector, SUVAFIX 56 or SUVAFIX 57, EPS insulation, new reinforcement layer SUVAFIX 57 or , SUVAFIX UNIGRUND insulating primer, Higher coatings SUVAFIX ACRYL FAÇADE